We are working tirelessly to educate the rural communities on the dangers of continued deforestation in their efforts to seek for a living. We also advocate for better clean energy use for urban communities.
Our programs emphasize a forestation in both rural and urban areas we do this through partnering with various individuals, religious institutions, schools, communities and organisations. 


We have been spearheading agroforestry projects since 2007 and below are some of the benefits of our agro forestry campaigns to the society:

• Increase in plant and animal biodiversity
• Decrease in the wind and water erosion
• Improvement in soil fertility
• Improvement in soil hydrology regimes
• Mitigation of air, sound and odour pollution
• Water treatment
• Carbon sequestration and storage
• Reduction in deforestation
• Improvement in microclimates
• Mitigation of climate change impacts on agriculture


Our agro forestry campaigns offer many benefits for agricultural producers and society at large. Agro forestry with its multiple environmental and economic benefits, have helped the agricultural and forestry sectors to find innovative solutions to present-day problems, including low profitability, environmental impacts and negative public perception.