Measures are being taken to reduce and eliminate poverty through the advancement of environmental protection and the creation of alternative sources of employment for the population in both rural and urban communities.
The protection and expansion of trees, the preservation, safeguarding and proper use of the natural vegetation of the communities and the promotion of tourism are the important 

components of environmental protection program.
Project components and programs are identified and prepared taking into consideration the interests and requirements of the inhabitants of the region and with the view of making them not only direct beneficiaries but also participants in the execution of those projects and programs that are implemented.
Securing safe and adequate water for the domestic consumption of the inhabitants, soil and water conservation, the identification and safeguarding of natural forests, the construction of boreholes and embankments for protection and the development of small-scale irrigation projects are part of the project.
The program is gender sensitive and gives particular attention to woman and children. Efforts are exerted to empower them to engage in less burdensome and more rewarding activities.