Overall objective: to contribute to self-employment among rural youth through competency strengthening in agriculture, value addition and marketing 

Specific objectives: To empower youth with entrepreneurial and value addition capabilities; to increase production output of youth farm enterprises; to increase market access for youth value added and other products.

We emphasize youth to invest in high yielding, fast returning crops and animals like rabbits, piggery, poultry, mushrooms, cabbages, water melons, cabbages, etceteras, and obtain skills in value addition (processing, marketing, and trade).
We expose youth to successful model farms and modern farming methods/best practices and link training efforts to financial results e.g. emphasize agriprenuership
We style-up agricultural training as fun and make it more appealing to the youth through farm camps, agro-tourism, integration of ITC in agricultural training programmes, data collection, and information platforms, use of high-tech technologies for instance milking machines in dairy production, advanced laboratories, and keep the curricula contemporary (up-to-date) and modular to allow youth to make free selection in a wider menu of targeted tailor-made courses.
We link graduates to Saving and Credit Cooperative Organisations. (SACCOs)
Girls prefer poultry. The more urban youth are averse to agriculture, and the less educated take keen interest in agriculture as a livelihood option Integrate agriculture in the curriculum early, predispose it towards modern farming as a business and modernize it through high-tech technologies that are more appealing and palatable to both gender (i.e. engender gender in all aspects).