youth empowerment program

Our Youth Empowerment Programme is a richly layered educational experience that takes passionate achievers from the ages of 18 to 35 and teaches them how to establish sustainable agricultural businesses without harming t

he environment.Participants start up and learn to run sustainable businesses, where they are guided to implement the theory

 as they learn through the provision of facilitation and support. The youth are introduced to an array of entrepreneurial concepts that inspires them and builds their business confidence. 

The training includes site visits, research, case studies and guest speakers.


To qualify for the Youth Empowerment Programme, youth needs to be:


Between the ages of 18 and 35;

Free from employment commitments and not be a full-time student;

Able to demonstrate a keen interest in starting agricultural business as this will grant them preferred entry;

Self-starters who are motivated and enthusiastic and willing to contribute to the Programme by investing their time and effort;


The Youth Empowerment Programme guides youth along the path to
personal success by teaching them to:


Grow interpersonal skills and become a valuable member of any team:

Core values and benefits of environmental conservation.Embracing agricultural income generating projects

Take part in government youth development initiatives and programmes

Understand time management, business ethics, business planning and how to handle or create business functions without harming the environment;

Build an understanding of market research, operations planning and management;

Take control of their finances, marketing and branding; and

Handle problems with integrity and wisdom and make decisions for the right reasons and in high-pressure situations.