Open to all schools located in Uganda. The competition is organized with the  aim of promoting recycling amongst students.

About Inter-school Recycling Competitions

Its an environmental education program, open to students, of all ages across Uganda. Through the use of online and offline Platforms, we engage students in fun and interactive activities, that create and nurture environmental awareness, responsibility and advocacy. We aim at challenging and encouraging students to find creative and innovative solutions to the environmental challenges of today

Our Aim

These competitions are aimed to increase environmental awareness amongst students from Primary school level to secondary school level, and to encourage the youth to actively participate in environmentally educational activities within their school systems, promote self-initiative and self-reliance.

Our Objectives

About the judging committee

The judging committee  comprises of environmental experts across the country, sponsor and Green Loop representatives. 


This Years Theme

“Sustainable Environment” The competitions are  aiming to create awareness of sustainable development that preserves the environment, Improves the quality of the air, preserves water resources, increases the contribution of clean energy, and implements green growth plans, which are considered the ultimate achievements by Green Loop.


The competitions are categorized into two stages, first stages are the regional stages where the applicants represent their schools basing in the four regions that make up Uganda, that is Central region, Eastern Region, Western region and Northern region. The best three competitors from each of the four regions proceeds to the final stage of national level where they represent their regions.