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We organise environmental conservation programmes to involve youth in conservation activities,organising workshops,
conferences and seminars to sensitize more about their need to conserve and protect the environment. We also provide training programmes for self sustaining skills to create proper economical options for youth communities that will hinder them from going back to destroying activities such as encroaching wetlands, brick laying and charcoal burning.



Providing every person with opportunities to acquire the knowledge values, attitude, commitment and skills needed to
protect and conserve the


Empowering and facilitating
youth with self sustaining skills
which enables them to ght
poverty and unemployement
without destroying the



Organising farmers in rural
areas with the purpose of
equipping them with
advanced knowledge and
technical know how about on
how to develop a competitive
agricultural sector.

our sectors


Environmental coservation is a responsibility of the whole society and an obligation of every citizen , it must be conducted consistently on basis of clear accountability of all stakeholders. Green Loop believes in involving the young population in environmental conservation activities with an aim of developing a culture of environmental conservation among them, mass moblization and awareness has been has been the current tool widely used to engage them. Environmental conservation is vital to us all and the strategies used are indispensable components of sicio – economic development. it must facilitate sustainable development to meet demands of current generations while preserving potentials and opportunities for future generations. As the organization we believe that an investment in environmental conservation is an investment tosustainable development.

Forests plays the vital role for the environmental conservation. we have launched various programmes for the conservation of forests, Environment in hands of the youth is one of our popular programmes which has been used to protect
land, water and other componentd of environment.
We involve young people in our afforestation programmes with an aim of creating more awarness about their need to
conserve and protect the environment.
This is an important work in environmental conservation, As we continue to advocate for the control of Land slides,
floods and soil erosion in the mountanious areas of uganda we are also emphasizing tree plantation, agro forestry and
minizing the use of chemicals in agricultural practices.
We also believe that there is a need to empower our people with hands on skills on how to boost soil fertility with
organic methodes.
We have continued to launch various projects aimed at empowering youth communities with proper waste management skills that enables them earn a living while they are manage watse in their communities.
Among our ongoing project is the turning waste materials into biogas, turning platic into tiles, and turning pastic into
desel. we belive that with proper training our communities will be able to adopt better practices and minimize the use
of plastic in their day to day activities.


1. Supporting social groups and individuals to acquire a set of values for environmental protection and providing every person with opportunities to acquire the knowledge values, attitude, commitment and skills needed to conserve
and protect the environment.
2. Providing skills that helps the concerned individuals in identifying and solving environment problems to protect and enhance forest cover and the national heritage in state forestry.
3. Creating awareness about environment problems among people, encouraging afforestation and the restoration of degraded land in the wider country side.
4. Support various efforts in designing ,dissemination and implementation of education and training programs and materials (with and for communities ) regarding community education and support which can be used by the local
communities as a tool for mobilization towards better development and living standard.
5. Conducting research and disseminating research findings on climate change


The lives of million of ugandan youth are marred by poverty, inadiquate education and skills, inadiquate work/employement opportunities, exploitation, diseases, civil unrest and gender discrimantion. The environment they live in
brings both new posibilities and new risks that under mine the traditional social support that helps them for, negotiate and explore opportunities and demand of their passage to adulthood. Given this situation, Green loop organization`s investment in youth is not only a social obligation but also rewading in economic sense, this is because the youth are the country`s most valuable asset , they are an intergral component of the development process and they provide for and safeguard the future of Uganda. We comitted and we will continue to make concerted efforts to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate activities of the
youth; with the youth themselves in line with environmental conservation and agriculture development.

Our organization organises yearly talent discovery and development programmes among school going children and youth. These programmes invites schools to present each year to to compete in various games such as Football,
Netball, Volley ball. Music, Dance and Dramma. we do this inorder to sport young talents and develop them.
We organise counseling programmes to children and youth in many communities from the age range of 15 – 20 of both genders. we have also been patnering with individual counselors to ensure that these programmes reach the
grassroot, among the activities is the teching youth the dangers of early marriages, Dropping out school, use of drugs and HIV/AIDs.
Green loop organization provides free training programmes in self sustaing skillls to empower young people such as weaving local mats and baskets, art and craft, wood curving and paper beeding. we also provide value adition training programmes such as wine, yorghut and juice making, chili oil, tomato source, jam making and many more to enable
them become self reliant citizens.


1. Nurturing of business prospects and preparing youth for the dynamic demand of the society.
2. Grassroot environmental coservation campaigns.
3. Establishing Ecological agriculture income generating skills for the rural youth communities.
4. Facilitating youth`s acess toaffordable financing from both locally and global financiers for the purposes of expanding their capacity in environmental conservation projects


The Begining


Given that agriculture is Uganda`s biggest economic sector, generating broad economic development and providing much of the population with food we decided to engage youth in the development of this sector with an aim of fight
poverty and unemployement among their communities.
Many youth have of recent have abandoned agriculture due to low profitability, poor security of land tenure and its high risk, however this poses a serious threat to the future of agriculture and to meeting the demands of a rapidly growing youth population in the country.
The growing unmployement ratios among the youth, ageing of farmers and declining crop yields under Uganda`s traditional farming systems has forced us to priotise the engaging of youth in agriculuture with a promise of sustainable development. We are doing this through various efforts among which is the improving of agriculture`s image among youth communities because it has been always regarded as a unprofitable and outdated venture.
We continue to engage youth in rural areas together working and thinking in a community context with hope that they will be able to reach the full potential of uplifting the standards of living in their commuities.
The overall vision in this strategy is to improve the standards of living for the youth in rural areas through the development of appropriate agricultural skills to enable them do commercially viable and ecologically sustainable farming. we
work to see them fight poverty and unemployement through agriculture.

We are organizing seminars and conferences for farmers in rural areas with the purpose of equipping them with
advanced knowledge and technical know how about on how to develop an ecologically viable competitive agricultural
We are enhancing product development among youth communities through value addition in order to reduce losses in
agricultural sector as well as inspiring them to make related research on value addition of agricultural products. we
also support youth groups to market their agricultural produce to all markets both locally and internationally.
To promote and encourage farmers in rural areas to apply capital intensive technology and agricultural mechanization
so as to upgrade their production and hence abating poverty.
We help in establishing, promoting and developing agricultural research centers and institutes all over the country with
the aim of volunteering in educating and sensitizing farmers about new and modern farming methods and techniques
so as to improve on the farmers’ output and earnings.


1. Promoting and supporting in developing farming all over the country by encouraging and facilitating youth to establish more agriculture farms and processing factories so as to increase earnings of rural dwellers.
2. Supporting rural farmers to get an easy and affordable access to modern High-Tech equipment’s such as tree planters, harvesters, tractors, sprays, high quality seeds, with the purpose of achieving agricultural modernization.
3. Promoting and developing irrigation schemes among youth communities so that they can have a steady supply of agricultural outputs even during the dry spell/drought.
4. Supporting and encouraging youth to get united and get together to form co-operative societies so that they can a voice a formidable voice when voicing their concerns and easily access loans.
5. Rendering agricultural technology and agri-business advisory services including value chains of the national enterprises among the youth.
6. Collaborating with the local and international authorities and organizations, Associations or individuals to help in establishing Agro-based factories and industries in rural areas so as to add value on farmers’ output hence enhancing
improved farmers’ earnings.